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Why Us

We bring a fully transparent, streamlined process to a fragmented industry.



If you want to get something done, there has to be some kind of process involved.


Pre-Built Websites

With a focus on usability & flexibility to improve your workflow and will save you time.



Total clarity with the services we offer and the tools we use to enhance your brand.

Let’s Partner Up to Create An Engaging  Online Experience For Your Brand

It doesn’t matter how small or big your business is, a process can help ensure that your site is as successful as possible.

When there is transparency, people are more likely to be engaged and supportive of its goals and objectives.

One-third of all page views now happen on a mobile device. Our websites respond to any screen size from mobile phone to billboard.

A fully responsive theme, with a range of options to control the various social integrations and other marketing features.

Our solutions to common problems.

Have you ever been held hostage by a web design agency?2022-12-22T01:54:30-05:00

It is not uncommon for companies to design and host websites for clients and then require that the client pay a fee in order to transfer the website to a new host or to gain access to the source code and other assets associated with the website. This practice is sometimes referred to as “website hostage” or “website lock-in.”

There are a few reasons why companies might do this. One reason is that it allows the company to continue to charge the client for hosting and maintenance services over the long term. Another reason is that it can be difficult and time-consuming to transfer a website to a new host, and the company may want to discourage clients from switching to a different provider.

It is important to note that this practice is generally considered unethical and may be seen as a form of vendor lock-in, which can be harmful to competition and consumer choice. It is generally best to avoid companies that engage in this practice and to ensure that you have full ownership and control of your website and its assets.

At HookUp.Design we don’t do this. We encourage our partners to have full ownership and control of their hosting/domain registrar and know how to access their site if they need or want to. We also make sure you have access to the license for your website template and any other services we use to help you expand your brand.

What makes your process in building WordPress websites so successful?2022-12-22T01:47:14-05:00

Processes refer to the set of activities, methods, and systems that a company or organization follows in order to achieve a specific goal. These processes can be related to various aspects of the business, such as production, customer service, human resources, and more. The principle of processes emphasizes the importance of having clear and defined steps in place to guide and streamline the work of the organization. This helps to ensure that tasks are completed efficiently and effectively, and that there is a consistent and reliable approach to achieving objectives.

Our process has been perfected over years of using WordPress to rapidly prototype, build new pages, make edits and integrate new features. These processes wouldn’t be possible without a robust template system and the WordPress platform. WordPress has many advantages and a few disadvantages but overall is the preferred system of 43.2% of all websites on the internet.

Why is your service for creating a website so expensive when I can make a website for free?2022-12-28T20:32:48-05:00

Free websites do have some advantages for small businesses starting out, we have laid those advantages out in a blog post. Free websites also have some disadvantages which we have also laid out in a separate blog post.

Advantages: What are the advantages of free website services?

Disadvantages: What are the disadvantages of free website services?

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